Don’t have a lot to say here, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Mostly, I tried installing and running the latest version of Ubuntu on my Mac in VirtualBox, and it sucked.  Really slow refreshing of windows and widgets.  I even tried enabling 3D acceleration, especially as suggested here.  But what happened?  None of the windows were properly drawn at all: all that I could see was the Ubuntu background and nothing else.  Unacceptable.

So I have Parallels on my Mac anyway, because I have Windows 7 on my Bootcamp partition, and I want to be able to run that from OS X itself and switch back and forth.  So I figured “Why not?” and installed Ubuntu 12.10 there.  Everything works pretty well.

Parallels 1, VirtualBox 0.  But of course, VirtualBox is free while Parallels is $50.  So tied 1-1.


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